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Largest NXLevel graduating class in Carbon County history has commencement



By Sun Advocate

The most recent NXLeveL graduation class concluded their class. Pictured above, back row include Bart Hansen, guest speaker from Zion’s Bank; Tiffany Sorensen, Jana Burbick, Kathy Grimmett, Lorin Israelsen, Braden Payne, Shanna Griffiths, Doug Hall, Robert Fossat, and Ryan McCourt.
Pictured in front are Kenneth Morrill, Verne Hinton, Alice Israelsen, Linda White, Nikki Howard, Cheryl Ek, Anthhony Thompson, Lorla Fossat, Barbara and Marvin Olauson. Kneeling is the Director of the program Jeri Hamilton and participant Manny Bennites.

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