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Construction starts up again

By Sun Advocate

The construction on U.S. Highway 6 that began last spring between Sheep Creek Road and the crossover bridge that rises above the Union Pacific tracks, just north of Tucker, has begun again in earnest.
Gilbert Western Corporation of Spanish Fork completed what will eventually be the northbound lanes of the new section of road in October. The old two lane road that had been in service for many years was shut off and all traffic was moved to the new road for the winter.
About two weeks ago the company began to tear up the pavement on the old road to begin construction of the new southbound lanes.
At the present time crews are mostly working so they are not impeding traffic on the new road, but there are times when they must venture onto that highway, and equipment will be working close to the busy roadway during the summer.
According to the construction company, they presently have placed concrete barriers along the road from milepost 196-200. Despite the precautionary step, there may be places where equipment must enter and leave the travelled section of the highway, and flaggers may be present.
The speed limit through the area is 50 miles per hour and that area is subject to the double fine law that is in effect in Utah.
It is expected that this section of the roadway will be done by this fall, giving motorists a four lane highway through what has traditionally been one of the slowest and most dangerous sections of the canyon road.

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