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Banasky Insurance plans Main Street expansion



By Sun Advocate

The destruction of the Center Texaco Station on Main and Carbon Avenue began last week in earnest in preparation for the new insurance building that is being built by Banasky Insurance.

James Banasky Insurance is expanding to a new Main Street location in Price. In business since 1955, the business was started by James Banasky. J.D. joined his father in 1978 after he completed college and brother Schoot joined the agency in 1980.
Construction crews began demolishing Center Texaco this week. Location of the new building will be on the corner ofMain and Carbon Street in downtown Price. the new building will be around 3,000 square feet and about a third of it will be leased to other offices.
Banasky anticipates opening the new building by winter and the construction will include a great deal of landscaping.
James Banaksy grew up in Carbon and Emery counties, attended CEU and Utah Valley College. Scott, a partner in the business served as president of the student Association at Utah Valley College.
Banasky Insurance employs six people.
The the new building will meet the needs of the expanding insurance business.

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