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By Sun Advocate

Kay Thayn and Bernie Henrie pose with Pluto and Goofyat Disneyland.

Barbara West loves dogs and has been around animals all her life. What better experience and background to motivate her to open a dog grooming business.
Operating with the moto, “Big or Small, We do them all,” West has located her business just off Carbonville Road, across the tracks from the bowling alley at 1170 West 1500 North.
West spent two years training in Overton, Nev. in the field and opened up K-9 Klips just a few months ago.
Her business specializes in older dogs or dogs with skin or coat problems. She calls it geriatric grooming and the care includes all forms of health and skin disorders.
In addition to that service she does normal dog grooming services like nail clipping, ear cleaning, baths, clipping, fluff dry, brushing and skin and coat treatments. She works on all breeds of dogs. K-9 Klips also offers flea dips and hot oil treatments. All grooming, include a coat and skin conditioning treatment.
“We live in such a dry climate that it is important to keep dogs’ coats in good condition,” she explained, comparing it to humans taking a bath without using skin creme or conditioners.
West also volunteers her services for the dogs at the shelter so they are more attractive for the adoption process. K-9 Klips does not use tranquilizers.
Although her office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 to 3 p.m. she will also open by appointment. She can be reached at 613-3647.

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