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Celebrating over 100 years of life



By Sun Advocate

Lorenzo Snow Roberts celebrates his 103rd birthday last weekend. Roberts celebrated the occasion with over 80 family members. The staff at Parkdale Care Center where Roberts resides presented him with a plaque to commemorate the exciting occasion. Below, Roberts stands with his sons.

The journey began April 3, 1900 in Kanosh when Lorenzo Snow Roberts was born.
As a young boy, Roberts knew that he wanted to get out and live life to the fullest. Little did he know at that time, but he would not only life a full life, but a life which would span over 100 years.
According to his children, Roberts left home at age 11 and set out looking for work. He would find a job working as a young farmer, a life which Roberts would enjoy for most of his years.
No matter what challenge faced Roberts, he conquered it quite effortlessly.
As a young man, Roberts continued his exciting adventures. He would hop on trains and travel for miles before being caught and kicked off by the conductors.
Although his children said that he did not like jumping the trains, they look back on it as just one of the many exciting and independent challenges which their father loved to partake in.
Early on in his life, he met the woman who would change his life and forever be his companion. Roberts married his wife, Manita and the two had 14 kids together.
At age 85, Manita passed away after 65 years of marriage and memories.

This photo shows Roberts and his wife in front of an old time automobile, an invention which captured the interest of the Carbon County resident when it was first made.

Roberts only attended school until second grade. Because he had limited schooling, Roberts learned how to read and do math on his own. His philosophy is if he can’t do it, it won’t get done.
All of his life, Roberts has done just that. He worked as a coal miner, farmer, construction worker and his favorite trade was breaking horses. In fact, his children explained that in his mind, Robert’s still is out taming the four legged animals.
Robert’s was a handy farmer and enjoyed the hard work which surrounded the career. In fact, for years he would travel across the country following the harvest.
In the 1970s, Roberts along with his wife and some of his children began a yearly adventure of traveling in a motor home to various locations. The group visited California, Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma and always had fun no matter where their travels took them.
After traveling and moving to various towns in Utah including Carbon County, Roberts decided to make his permanent home in Price at age 52 after finding the farm of his dreams.
Today, Roberts still resides in Price as a resident of the Parkdale Care Center, a facility which he has lived at for almost a year.
Last week, Roberts celebrated his 103rd birthday at the center with over 80 family members and care center staff.
Although Roberts is in the care facility, his family explains that he is still an independent person who is capable of doing many things for himself.
Today, Roberts has so many family members that his children have a difficult time giving an exact number. The one thing which the family is sure of is that each family member admires and loves Roberts dearly.
There have been many chapters in Roberts life which have been closed, but there are still many more to be added as this Carbon County resident continues to live his life to the fullest.

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