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County’s planning board weighs zoning changes

By Sun Advocate

The county planning and zoning board tabled a request Tuesday for a change in designation on approximately 15 acres of property owned by Keith and Debra Smith near the southeast corner of Scofield Reservoir until more information was available for consideration.
The Smiths wanted two parcels rezoned from a water shed classification to Scofield Lake and Pleasant Valley designations for a tentative sale. But that is what caused some of the heartburn for the commission.
“The background on this is that the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources wants the property to put a restroom on it and build some parking for anglers,” explained Dave Levanger, the county’s director of planning.
“There is also talk of widening Highway 96 in that area,” added Levanger.
But the planning board members were concerned about the idea of the property sale being tentative, in terms of spot zoning and water quality.
“Is there a sewer system near the property?” asked Lynna Topolovec, commission member.
Levanger indicated that the sewer system for the area runs through the property and structures built within 300 feet of the line would need to be connected to the system. But board members were still concerned about the distance a structure could be erected from that line on 15 acres of property.
“Until I know for sure what is going to be constructed on this property, I will not vote to change it,” stated Topolovec. “With 15 acres, a structure could be put up anywhere, many of those locations beyond 300 feet.”
Zoning board members Jeri Hamilton and Robert Welch also were concerned about what the property may be used for if the sale to the DWR does not take place.
“I think we need to see more on paper,” said Hamilton.
Addressing unrelated agenda items, the county planning and zoning board:
•Gave preliminary approval for phase two of the Hill subdivision, with the caveat that the water system situation in the area be addressed before final approval is given.
The change combines several separate lots in the area in question.
•Approved amending the zoning designation on a piece of property adjoining the Scofield Mountain Home subdivision.
The board’s action favored amending the zoning designation from watershed to Scofield Lake and Pleasant Valley, with a stipulation that a water share transfer problem regarding the lot is taken care of before the issue goes in front of the county commission for a public hearing on May 7.

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