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County recreation program earns state recognition



By Sun Advocate

Kayaking has become a popular sport in the Castle Country area. In fact, the Carbon County Recreation’s kayak program was honored by the Utah Recreation and Parks Association as the outstanding program for 2002-03.
Recreation director, Steve Christensen expressed how pleasantly surprised he was when the award was announced during a recent conference. The program was selected over programs from much larger agencies throughout the state.
Christensen explained that the program stemmed from an idea his son came up with.
“My son Bo had the idea to start the program. My first thought was that we had no kayaks when the idea was first mentioned,” explained Christensen.
At that time, Christensen’s son had two kayaks and suggested that they could be used to kick off the program.
“These would not get very far however. So, the agency came up with $1,000 to purchase two used kayaks, some paddles and other necessary equipment,” Christensen continued.
At the same time, the center started asking river running companies for donations from areas throughout the United States.
Today, the Carbon rec facility owns 18 kayaks.
Interested Carbon County residents may begin pool lessons at just about anytime. A program is also offered that provides river trips for participants.
Interested residents may contact the center at 637-5092 for more information.

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