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Carbon Dinos capture a grand slam win over North Sanpete



By Sun Advocate

After dropping the ball, Dino catcher, Garrett Schmitz rushes back to home to catch a North Sanpete runner while Carbon pitcher, Troy Grundy rushes to assist. Eager teammates and Dino coach, Lane Herrick look on as the action unfolds.

The Carbon High Dinos are on fire as the Region 8 season continues.
For the second straight week in a row, the Dinos hosted an important region duel.
North Sanpete came to town last Friday as the Dinos stepped up strong and despite cold weather, the team heated things up on the field.
By the end of six innings, the Dinos had dominated the competition and walked away with the 12-2 victory over the Hawks.
The Carbon team opened up the ball game with strong hitters as the team quickly scored two runs in the bottom of the first inning.
According to the Dino’s head coach, Lane Herrick, the team came out strong and everyone stepped up to assist the team during the important Region 8 game.
“We had a lot of different hitters make some big plays for us. With each game, we have really picked things up and the North Sanpete game was no exception,” explained the coach.
As the game continued, the weather got gloomier. This did not dampen the Dinos spirits however.
After the Hawks put two runs on the board in the top of the fourth, the Dinos picked up the pace to answer with one run of their own in the bottom of the inning.
This would be the final rally the Hawks would launch during the ball game as the Dinos continued to build momentum.
Three more runs came easily for the Dinos in the next inning. At this point, Herrick explained that the teams attitude continued to reflect the team’s positive nature about winning a region title this year.
“I think attitude is everything. The kids have one thing on their mind and that is to win a title this year. With every game, the kids keep in mind their goal and work hard to achieve it,” Herrick explained.
Five more runs were made in the bottom of the sixth which forced the outcome of the game to a conclusion. The Dinos had successfully captured their third straight region victory to bring their current standings to 3-0.
“It’s a good start for us, but the real test will come this week as we travel to Delta on Tuesday and we will also face Uintah on Thursday. We just need to stay focused on each game at hand,” the Dinos coach stated.
Herrick was quick to give compliments to pitcher, Troy Grundy who performed well against the North Sanpete team as he finished the game with 14 strikeouts.
The Carbon coach also noted the talent of senior, Jamal Lewis who had four RBIs against the Hawks.
“This team continues to produce great numbers each game. We have had a great season so far with the bench offering quite a bit of assistance,” Herrick continued.
He explained that 16 athletes suited up for Friday’s game and 15 of these players had the chance to compete.
“We have had different hitters make some big plays for us lately and I don’t think that a coach could ask for more at this level than to build on hitting,” concluded Herrick.
The Dinos will travel to Delta Tuesday to take on the 2-0 Rabbits.
This could be the biggest challenge of the season so far for the Carbon Dinos, but the team remains focused and looks forward to the Region 8 challenge.

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