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Price city considers implementing county noncompliance regulations

By Sun Advocate

Quite some time ago, Carbon County established the use of a notice of non-compliance which was designed to deal with property owners who build without permits and ignore the counties requests to comply with the counties regulations and standards.
Although its not been a huge issue in the past, there are times that Price city faces similar situations.
Dave Levanger heads the county planning department and shared his procedure with Francis Duzenack, the cities building inspector.
This notice has been a valuable tool for the county in bringing properties into compliance with building and zoning regulations.
City building inspector Duzenack notes that on occasion, construction being conducted on various homes and buildings is being done without a building permit issued by the city.
In these instances, it has been the city’s practice to communicate with the owner of the property and inform them of the requirements of having a permit in hand before the work commences.
In most cases, the contractor obtains the permit however, there have been certain situations where property owners not only fail to first obtain a permit, but then ignore the building inspector’s request to come within compliance of the city’s land development code.
The city discussed the ordinance and is currently developing a resolution to take care of the various building problems.
As Duzenack addressed the city council last week, he explained that if a situation such as this happens, it will show up on the resident’s title and, “put a black mark against the property.”
“This will provide a strong motivation to have people comply with building codes and ordinances,” he explained to the city council members.
In other business, the council awarded Nichole Steele with the visionary service leader award for the month of March.
Steele, who served as president of the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce last year has contributed to the community in many business and employment capacities both as part of her career and as a part of her high moral character.
Mayor Joe Piccolo pointed out that Steele has contributed to the employment and betterment of the community by arranging annual job fairs and by participating in several community events.
The city council moved on to grant permission to Kathy Hanna Smith to block of a portion of the street between Main and First North in Price for a mini spring car exhibit to be hosted April 12.
Western Boys Baseball Association representative, Jeff Failor then requested and was granted permission to construct new dugouts at the south Price ballpark.
Failor distributed designs and drawings to the council members and discussed the dugouts and construction process.
Public utilities supervisor, Sam White presented an award to mayor Piccolo which the utility employee received at a recent Rural Water Association of Utah meeting. The award was for outstanding water service to customers.
Condie Construction, the company building the water transition pipeline, submitted two change orders for approval including a contract increase in the amount of $100,957 and a 30 calendar day extension through May 31 and June 2-3 to complete the project.
An additional order included a contract increase in the amount of $185,174 and 15 calendar days extension through June 14.
An invoice for a partial payment was reviewed and accepted for $481,126.
The project included stored materials that is about 89 percent complete.
Total installed work is about 87 percent of the total project, which includes these two changed orders.
Finally, the council donated $500 toward the annual graduation spectacular which will take place later this spring.

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