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Letter to the Editor: We shouldn’t turn our backs

By Sun Advocate

Throughout most of human history, progress has been driven primarily by religion, by man’s desire to glorify the Almighty. All of the advances in limited government that prepared the way for the American founding came about as men in the various European nations groped for ways to configure government so as to please God and to agree with the God-given constraints of natural law.
The mightiest works of art and architecture, from the towering Gothic cathedrals of the high Middle Ages to the soaring music of Bach and Handel, were all the products of men seeking to glorify God by fulfilling the highest human impulses. The same could be said of most of the greatest inventors and scientists, at least until fairly recently. There is a few historical precedents of a people so obsessed with themselves that they permit their government to decapitate their culture by removing religion from all but the most private domains.
Michael Newdow, with his incoherent claims of constitutional support for his crusade against the Pledge of Allegiance, is only the latest antireligious extremist granted a hearing by the modern American secularist establishment. His ludicrous claims-that “it’s my parental right to keep the government off my child” (even as he insists on allowing the government to educate his child in public school), and “the Constitution says that the government isn’t supposed to be infusing religion into our society”-don’t deserve to be dignified by further comment here.
But unfortunately, many Americans now believe, at least in part, the outrageous fallacies and distortions about religion and government foisted on them by the media and the public schools, and dutifully retailed by the likes of Newdow. We are, tragically, well on our way to becoming a post Christian civilization.
America, however, cannot deny God’s supremacy and remain free. To drift away from our Christian moorings is to chart a course into bondage, both spiritual and political. The French revolutionaries and others of their ilk began by erecting secular, even anti Christian states glorifying man, and ended up enslaving themselves under mob rule, guided and harnessed by demagogues.
For us there can be no middle ground; we either mimic the mistakes of those who turned their backs on their Creator, or keep both ourselves and our government subservient to the supreme law-giver, remain as our founders hoped, one nation under God.

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