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Gun range location remains under discussion

By Sun Advocate

A definite location for the indoor/outdoor gun range Carbon County plans on constructing within the next year has not been selected.
The matter still remains under discussion, indicates Carbon Commissioner Mike Milovich.
Referring to information contained in a caption under a photo about the fairgrounds in last Thursday’s Sun Advocate, the commissioner pointed out that several sites are being discussed, but the location for the gun range has not actually been set.
“I had a couple of calls about what the paper stated and the fairgrounds is almost assuredly one of the places the gun range will not be built,” indicated Milovich during an interview on Monday morning. “There was some initial discussion about that, but it turned out that it just wouldn’t work out in that location because of the gas fields and the high amount of traffic in the area.”
When Carbon government obtained a $750,000 grant several months ago as a 50-50 match with county funds to build the range, the fairgrounds was mentioned as a possibility.
But since the initial discussion, the situation has changed.
“We are looking at three locations right now,” stated Milovich. “One is in northeast Price, another is on the east end of Ridge Road and the final spot is out north of the raceway by the airport.”
While all three sites are a possibility, the commissioner indicated that it appears the airport location is the most likely spot currently being considered for the gun range.
“The county owns 180 acres out there,” noted Milovich.
In addition, the United States Bureau of Land Management has control over some property in the area the federal agency may kick in to complete the gun range project.
“That location would allow all facets of shooting to use one facility,” noted the county commissioner.
The project will replace an outside range that formerly existed near Four Mile Hill. The gun range is expected to be an asset by drawing shooting competitions that will add to the local economy in terms of tourism.
The $1.5 million facility is in the early stages of planning and will be designed to handle various kinds of firearms practice sessions along with competitions.

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