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College of Eastern Utah baseball team hosts back to back games



By Sun Advocate

Baseball season is in full swing at the College of Eastern Utah as this Eagle pitches to a Salt Lake Community College batter.

The College of Eastern Utah’s baseball team hosted two double headers this past weekend on the college field.
The first set of games took place last Friday afternoon when Salt Lake Community College came to town.
The Eagles jumped out ahead of the Bruins by scoring two runs in the bottom of the first inning. The Eagles would hold on to this lead throughout the remaining six innings to capture the Scenic West Athletic Conference victory by the final score of 2-0.
During the second game of the day, the Eagles and the Bruins remained close throughout the first seven innings. Salt Lake managed to score one run in the top of the third and one run in the fifth.
The Eagles entered the sixth inning trailing by two. This is when Kory Drew and Jeremy Harris each ran into home to score a run a piece for the Eagles.
With the game tied at two, the SWAC competition entered the seventh inning. Neither team came up with a run and this forced an eighth inning.
Salt Lake blew the doors open at the top of the inning by sending seven runners into home. The Eagles then stepped up to bat and managed to send only one runner in thus, leading to the Eagles 9-3 loss to the Bruins.
Saturday was a cold and wet day, but baseball action continued as the two teams met for the second straight day.
During the first game of the day, the Eagles struggled to gain control of the ball game.
Although the CEU team entered the second inning ahead of the Bruins, 4-1, the Salt Lake team rallied to score four runnings in the top of the second inning.
The Bruins continued to dominate the game as they batted in run after run. By the end of seven innings, the visiting team had defeated the Eagles, 12-5.
In this game, the Eagles had five runs on six hits while the Bruins had 12 runs on 10 hits. The Eagles will look to improve their hitting as the season progresses.
The final game remained scoreless until the bottom of the third when the Eagles sent a runner in. The team held on to the lead until the top of the fifth when the Bruins scored two runs.
The Eagles answered with one run of their own in the sixth, but Salt Lake turned around to score two runs in the seventh. The Bruins had edged the Eagles out, 4-2.
With several weekends of baseball action ahead of them, the Eagles look to better their record. The next game on the Eagles schedule will be the Community College of Southern Nevada as the CEU team hits the road this weekend. The team will participate in baseball action two days straight before climbing on the bus for the long ride home.

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