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Letter to the Editor: Protect our own borders instead

By Sun Advocate

It is no surprise France and Germany are the major hold outs in the UN. Since France provided the first nuclear reactor to Saddam including adequate amounts of uranium for two bombs, and Germany provided the fabrication documents, critical components and a nuclear scientist to assemble it.
Shamefully, the United States has/is providing over 100,000 American troops, supplies and materials to Germany with an similar or equal amount to France. Its time we reassigned these resources to protect our borders within the USA and into countries asking assistance due to supporting our Presidents requests at a great danger to themselves.
It is far past the time to turn Sadam, his supporters into dust setting an example for North Korea, other countries and terrorists following down this destructive path of destruction.
Yes, its beyond the time we show the world American is determined to bring peace to the world.

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