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Letter to the Editor: Don’t let them do their duty in vain

By Sun Advocate

Thank you for allowing private citizens the right to voice their opinion in your newspaper.
In my opinion you do a great job reporting all the news. I look forward on Tuesday and Thursday of every week to my Sun Advocate.
I sat on first north on Feb 13, 2003, and watched 30 men leave on a bus to a possible war. I cried. These men are putting their lives on the line for this great nation that we live in.
God bless them.
I sincerely hope every one of them come back to their families. And I also hope that they come back to a county fit to live in.
The Department of Energy is seriously looking at the ECDC landfill as a place to deposit radioactive uranium tailings from the Moab area. For those who do not know where this landfill is, it is within the city limits of East Carbon city.
Do we really want to receive radioactive tailings in this county? Do we want these men, who are putting their lives on the line for our country to come back to that? I for one do not.
People of Carbon County, I urge you to voice your opinion. Do not let what these brave men are doing for us be done in vain.

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