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Church group members collect, donate clothing to Children’s Justice Center



By Sun Advocate

The Red Rock Regulars, personnel from the National Park Service, National Forest Service, State of Utah and the Bureau of Land Management, who usually spend their summers fighting fires and winters providing other services left Monday from Price for east Texas and Louisiana to help NASA look for parts from the Columbia space shuttle disaster. The 20 person “handcrew” will be in the south for 30 days, along with 100 other similar squads from various parts of the country lending their eyes and talents to the efforts. They are spending the time in an emergency atmosphere, living in a fire camp and working 12-14 hour shifts searching through forests, swamps and bogs. The search is being conducted on a tight time line before the trees and other plants in the area begin their spring “leafing out” processes. Once that happens it will be almost impossible to find debris in the heavily vegetated areas where the bulk of the shuttle crashed.

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