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Lady Dinos prepare for state tourney

By Sun Advocate

After an up and down season, the Carbon High Lady Dinos find themselves ready for post season action. As the Class 3A state playoffs draw near, the Dinos realize that now is the time to step up and play tough.
As the regular season kicked off earlier this year, the Dinos were thought of as being one of the strongest teams in the region, as well as the state.
As the season slowly progressed, the Dinos found themselves excluded from the 3A standings. This didn’t bother the team in blue however, they just simply played their best and got the job done, thus leading to a spot in the state playoffs.
It was during an early season game when Dino senior, Chelsey Warburton went down to a severe knee injury. What was hoped to be a minor set back, turned into a major one as the team found out that they would be without Warburton for the remainder of the season.
Although down, the Dinos were far from out at this point. Sure the team had lost their star player, but the rest of the squad was lined with talent and prepared to step up and play the season of their lives.
This is just what they did as each athlete stepped up their playing levels several notches.
Dino sophomore, Morgan Warburton took on the bulk of the scoring duties as she began to shoot the ball a lot more often. The effort proved to be successful as Warburton lead the team in most of the season games in scoring.
Danielle Julian has been the heart of the team throughout most of the season. With her strong will and determination, Julian has been the teams biggest cheerleader.
Brittney Pollastro has also played well for the Dinos this season. With her amazing ability to pull down rebounds, Pollastro has added strength and skill under the basket.
Several bench player have also stepped up and played big for the Dinos. Amongst these players has been Michelle Ruden.
Throughout the year, Ruden has continued to wow the Dino fans with her speed, agility and shooting ability. Ruden has quickly become a key player for the Dino ball club.
After finishing the season with a 15-5 record, the girls from Carbon look forward to proving all those who counted them out of the state championships wrong.
Although 15-5 is not a bad record, it is a little weaker than many expected at the beginning of the year.
After all, the team was expected to be one of the front runners for a state title throughout the regular season. Regardless, their state title hopes are still alive.
The Dinos will kick off their journey to a state title this Saturday as the team faces Wasatch.
The Carbon girls realize that this is a must win game, after all the stakes are high and the state title is on the line.

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