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Carbon High football athletes sign with college teams for next year

By Sun Advocate

As national signing day approached, several Carbon High athletes looked forward to dedicating themselves to college teams for next year’s college football season.
Last week, two Dino athletes participated in the signing day events as they dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s in order to sign contracts with college football teams.
Jan Jorgensen who previously stated he would compete with the University of Utah, changed his mind and officially signed with the University of Kentucky.
The change was decided after Utah coaches displayed a lack of interest in the Dino athletes talent. Kentucky on the other hand displayed significant interest and this prompted Jorgensen into signing with the university.
Carbon running back, Jamal Lewis also participated in signing day activities as he decided to attend Mesa State in Grand Junction, Colo. beginning this fall.
Lewis finished his senior year at Carbon High by posting the season record in rushing yards in the state. In an early season game, Lewis rushed for 341 yards on 21 carries. This is the fourth best all-time rushing yard record in Utah prep football history and the single best in the state last season.
Both athletes look forward to moving on to compete for college teams, but neither athlete will forget where they got their start from.
Carbon High blue will always run through the blood of these talented athletes.

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