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Letter to the Editor: Businesses before trees

By Sun Advocate

I would like to comment on the tree controversy on Price City’s Main Street.
I have read the articles and the letter to the editor which explain the importance of trees on Main Street and throughout the city. I understand that there are legitimate reasons to have trees for their beauty and environmental advantages. I realize that beautiful things help people to have a positive attitude and improve one’s outlook on life. I agree that trees are important and they have their place…in fact many places in our world.
But, my opinion is that when it comes to Price City’s Main Street business district, trees should not be given priority over people. Is the Main Street business district there to promote the health and growth of trees or of business? Do city officials really consider the life expectancy of a tree to be more valuable than the life expectancy of a local business? Are city leaders actually willing to allow a tree to remain in it’s present location at the expense of the business and the people who own and operate that business?
City Parks are areas where management decisions could and should favor trees. On the other hand, the Main Street business district is an area where business owners should be allowed to determine if a tree is going to be a hindrance to their success. City officials should support the opinions of these business owners and if a tree is in need of modification or removal then the city should help the owner to accomplish the task.
I would hope that city officials prefer a Main Street lined with successful businesses and not just lined with beautiful trees.
The revenue required to operate the city comes from taxes paid by and collected by the business owners who are being denied the authority to act upon their business decisions.
I would think that the success of a Main Street business would be considered more important than the life of a tree.
It seems to be a simple choice between a Main Street lined with successful merchants or one lined with vacant buildings and void of shoppers.
After all, if there’s nobody on Main Street to see the beautiful trees then what does it matter how they make you feel?

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