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Jr. High Hosts Science Fair



By Sun Advocate

Tyler Ockwig, 8th grader is explaining his engineering project to Judge Steve Rigby.

Junior high students from Mont Harmon, Pinnacle Canyon and Helper Junior High gathered at Mont Harmon Monday night for the annual science fair. Over 50 displays were prepared and included entries in 14 categories.
Instructor Terry Bikakis coordinated the annual event.
People from the community who where knowledgeable in the carious areas served as judges.
The categories included behavior and social science, biochemistry, botany, chemistry, computer science, earth and space science, engineering, environmental science, gerontology, mathemataics, medicine and health, microbiology, physics, and zoology.
The judges selected the three top winners in each category in two divisions. Included were also several specific awards and the ten top outstanding projects were selected.
All the winners will be listed in the Sun Advocate when space becomes available.

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