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Gallery East presents unique intaglio printmaking art form



By Sun Advocate

Keith Howard stands with a nearly new art form he created. The non-toxic intaglio printmaking technique extends the traditional technical and time oriented boundaries imposed on the process in the past.
Howard’s printmaking art form allows a spontaneity and direct marking process more like painting and drawing. An array of mark-making possibility maintains the integrity of the intaglio print while offering a new vision.
Howard’s latest inspirations come from the 9-11 disaster, particularly the problems associated with the danger of similar terrorist attacks faced by a modern society.
Born an Australian and then moving to Canada, Howard resides in Rochester, N.Y. He currently heads of printmaking at the Rochester Institute of Technology.
The exhibition runs through the end of the month. Gallery East is located on the first floor of the old administration building on the College of Eastern Utah campus.

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