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Lady Dinos lose one at home



By Sun Advocate

Danielle Julian prepares for a lay up during the Dinos home game last Tuesday night. The Dinos scrambled to capture the Region 8 victory, but the Pioneers were the team to walk away victorious by the final score, 53-48.

Win some, lose some. For the Lady Dinos, it was time to lose one as the team fell to the Lehi Pioneers last Tuesday night at home.
After finishing last week with a victory over North Sanpete by the final score of 67-57, the Dinos felt that returning home would be a welcoming event which would result in a second consecutive win for the talented Carbon team. The Pioneers saw to it that this was not the case however.
The game was quite contested throughout as both teams battled for boards. In fact, throughout much of the contest, both teams stayed quite even in point range as Lehi would sink a shot and the Dinos would answer with one of their own.
By the end of the first quarter, the Dinos found themselves tied with the Pioneers, 12-12.
The second quarter however, the Dinos blew past Lehi as the team out scored the Pioneers, 15-7, thus leading to the Dinos eight point lead at the half.
It seemed as if the Dinos had found their niche and were bound to dominate the court in the second half. In fact, the third quarter it seemed as if the Dinos were going to take their lead right down to the wire.
The two Region 8 teams continued to battle across the court as the Dinos out scored the Pioneers, 10-9 in the quarter.
Once again, it seemed as if the Dinos would hold on to their lead to win the ball game. This is when the Pioneers bounced back to make the Dinos scramble for the win.
The Lehi team made things click as they edged the Dinos comfortable lead. The Carbon team on the other hand, seemed to not be able to make things go in their favor.
With both teams in foul trouble and just under three minutes remaining in the ball game, both teams were continuously going to the free throw line.
With under a minute remaining, Carbon was down by four. This is when Michelle Ruden sank a three-point shot, forcing the Pioneers to only a one point lead.
Following the big play for Carbon, the Pioneers managed to get back to the line where they sank two free throw shots. The Dinos were not able to counteract these baskets with one of their own. Therefore, the Lehi team scored two more, forcing the Dinos to scramble to catch up.
A bad pass across the half court line resulted in a Dinos turnover which lead to a foul and the eventual end of the game.
The hard fought battle was now over for the Dinos who fell at home to Lehi, 53-48.
With Chelsey Warburton out for the season due to a knee injury, the Dino team has really stepped up to play strong.
Morgan Warburton has taken on the most pressure since her older sister was forced out of action. In fact, Warburton lead the team in scoring against North Sanpete with 31 points while she posted 11 points against Lehi.
Also playing well for the Dinos is Danielle Julian. At times, it seems as if Julian is the heart of the team as she takes charge out on the court by offering teammates words of encouragement. Aside from her mental dominance on the court, Julian also has a strong physical presence as she added six points during the Lehi game.
The home loss was a disappointment to the Dino team however, the squad is far from giving up. The Lady Dinos will look to rebound from the loss next Tuesday evening as the team hosts Delta.

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