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Authorities investigate fatal shooting incident

By Sun Advocate

The Price City Police Department continues to conduct the official investigation into the Jan. 10 shooting incident that resulted in the death of a 22-year-old male subject.
At approximately 2:21 p.m. last Friday, the Utah Department of Corrections requested assistance from the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office and Price city police in an effort to contact and control an individual under the jurisdiction of the local adult probation and patrol office, indicated Chief Aleck Shilaos.
Due to the reportedly violent behavior exhibited by the subject in question, probation and parole officials had contacted Tony Lee Taylor earlier Friday morning at a different location, explained Shilaos.
The individual had received treatment from a mental health agency at 11:48 a.m. on Friday, but the young man’s violent behavior apparently persisted and family members called the parole officers for assistance in controlling the subject.
After law enforcement personnel arrived at a private residence in northeast Price last Friday afternoon, Taylor purportedly fled through the apartment into the kitchen area, continued Shilaos.
Price Policeman Dave Cartwright, Carbon Deputy Tory Christiansen and state corrections agent Jeff Wood followed in pursuit and the individual allegedly attacked the law enforcement officers with a kitchen knife.
The authorities’ attempts to restrain the subject failed and Taylor managed to obtain a larger knife. After the subject reportedly started slashing at the officers with the knife, Christiansen fired his service weapon once to prevent Taylor from seriously injuring the law enforcement authorities, confirmed the Price police chief.
County ambulance and Price fire department emergency crews responded to the scene and transported the injured man to Castleview Hospital for medical treatment.
The 22-year-old subject later died from a single gunshot wound to the stomach, added the Price police chief.
The Price City Police Department is continuing to conduct the formal investigation into the fatal shooting incident, indicated Shilaos.
During a separate interview Monday morning, Carbon Sheriff James Cordova confirmed that the deputy will remain on paid administrative leave until the county attorney’s office reviews the chain of events leading to the shooting and screens the evidence collected in connection with the incident.
Christiansen’s future status at the sheriff’s office will be determined based on the results of the shooting board review, concluded Cordova.

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