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CEU’s Outdoor Classroom Offerings for Winter Fun



By Sun Advocate

New outdoor programs now available through CEU include backpacking, snowshoeing, and river running

When many people think of winter recreation in Carbon County they think of the Carbon County Recreation program. This time of the year the program kicks into high gear and offers a variety of workshops and programs for the winter enthusiast.
Workshops they offer include the free annual avalanche awareness workshop presented in conjunction with the U. S. Forest Service and Utah Avalanche Forecasting Center. This workshop will take place January 24 and 25. It consists of an evening class on Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. at the Price Community Center and an outing on Saturday, Jan. 25 in Huntington Canyon. Organizers of this class remind the community that each year there are deadly avalanche accidents. This class is important for people who enjoy the outdoors on skis, snowshoes and snow boards but it also offers much information for those in snowmobiling sports. Participants must provide their own transportation.
Also county recreation plans three night activities this winter that are termed Full Moon Adventures. A small fee will be charged for each event which covers basic equipment and transportation. Other equipment is the responsibility of the participants. The first event will be snowshoeing, set for January 17th and is not a beginner’s class. Participants must be competent on snowshoes.
The second event is a winter backpacking trip on February 15. Again participants must be competent at snowshoeing and be able to carry their own gear. Participants must also understand the rigors and dangers involved in winter backpacking. A preparation class is set for Feb. 13.
A third session has yet to be announced.
A regular snowshoe outing is set for January 11. Fees include transportation and snowshoes. Beginners are welcome
Pool sessions on beginning kayaking is also available this winter.
“You can’t run the river without first having a bomber Eskimo roll,” says Steve Christensen, who manages the recreation department.
The workshop will consist of one classroom session and four pool sessions. The fee for the class includes admission to the pool, use of the kayak and all the necessary equipment. Classes begin every two weeks.
There is also a kayak practice at the Desert Wave every Friday night from 6 to 7 p.m. but participants must call to make arrangements.

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