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Golden Eagle men’s basketball team continues their winning ways

By Sun Advocate

The College of Eastern Utah men’s basketball team continues to dominate the hardwood floor. The latest effort on behalf of the Eagles came this past Friday evening as they competed on the road against the Snow College Badgers.
In a close game against Scenic West Athletic Conference teams, the Eagles came out ahead by the final score, 75-73. This victory boosts the Eagles current standings to 9-1 during the preseason.
The victory was the only one that a SWAC team clinched this weekend which gives assistant coach Brady Trenkle confidence.
“We came out and played strong against Snow who is a strong team. The road win is significant especially considering we were the only team to win on the road in our conference. I think this is a strong road team and given the record that we hold, I think this will be a successful season for us,” explained Trenkle.
The Eagles will continue to compete in preseason action this Friday evening as they host Hill Air Force Base Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. The game will take place at the BDAC following the women’s competition.

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