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House Lights on US-6 near Helper Catch Attention Of All Who Pass Through Area



By Sun Advocate

Ron and Bernie Jones’ home on US 6 just south of Helper is decorated with over 15,000 lights, and while there may be homes with more lights on it during this holiday season in the county, few are as visible as this one. Sitting on the highway with dark hills behind it, Bernie says she gets teased a lot. “People tell me all kinds of things,” she says. “They say things like they can see our house from Soldiers Summit or that when we turn on our lights, all the rest of the lights in Helper dim.” Ron puts up the display and adds to it yearly. When asked how it affects the power bill, Bernie replys, “I really don’t know because we are on an equal pay plan but Ron says it adds $60 to $70 to the actual bill for the month of December.”

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