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Dino athletes named to all-state teams



By Sun Advocate

Jan Jorgensen leaps past Emery defenders as Perry Laulu rushes to his aid. Recently, the Region 8 all-star team was announced and several of the Dinos senior players were selected to the roster including Jorgensen and Laulu.

Hard work and dedication paid off for several of the Carbon High Dino football players this season. Sure, the team finished with a 2-7 overall season record, but don’t be fooled, these young athletes worked their tails off and were truly a successful team.
Recently, the annual high school football all-region teams were announced and several Dinos were among the list of talented players.
The all-state first team is comprised of many talented stars. Most of these athletes went on to compete in the state finals, but four Carbon athletes made the list by impressing coaches and players during the regular season.
Dino athlete Jamal Lewis was selected to the first team because of the extraordinary skills he displayed at the running back position. Lewis holds the season record in rushing yards in the state. This record came back in September when the Dinos visited Union.
Lewis completed this game with 341 yards rushing on 21 carries. This is the fourth best all time record for running yards in a game in the history of Utah prep football. This game also earned him the top game rushing record for the season in the state.
Also named to the all-region first team was line backer Perry Laulu. In his final season with the Dinos, Laulu stepped up to assist the offensive line while at the same time, rush for several yards per game.
Offensive lineman, Tyson O’Neil was also named to the first team all-region roster. O’Neil competed in his final season with Carbon by stepping up to play on both the offensive and defensive lines. His talent on the offensive line is what earned O’Neil the all-region honors.

Jamal Lewis gains valuable yardage as offensive lineman Tyson O’Neil opens up the field for the running backs performance. Lewis finished the season with the states best game rushing record with 341 yards which he ran against Union last September. O’Neil played both on the offensive and defensive lines this season. Both O’Neil and Lewis were selected to the Region 8 all-star roster because of their solid performances this past season.

Rounding out the all-region first team roster for Carbon is Jan Jorgensen. Although Jorgensen is most noted for playing the lead man at quarterback, he was selected to the all-region team for his skills as a defensive lineman.
Carbon also had a good showing on the second team all-region roster this year. Three Dino players were named to this team because of their efforts they displayed during the regular season.
Chris Wharram was named to the all-region team for his skills at the lineback position. In his final year with the Dinos, Wharram stepped up and gave his best effort during every competition and the results paid off as he walked away with second team honors this season.
Offensive lineman, Chris Powell was also selected to the second team roster. Powell helped protect the quarterback and made several big plays for the Dinos this season.
Finally, Andrew Christensen was also named to the second team lineup. Christensen was selected to represent Carbon as an offensive lineman. He did a great job holding every defensive lineback behind the line of scrimmage.
Receiving honorable mention this year was defensive lineman, Brandon Manzanares. This past season, Manzanares stepped up to offer his skills to the Dino ball club. Carbon looks forward to next year when Manzanares will return as a senior.
Despite completing a season filled with woes, many of the Dino athletes ended the year with praise and glory by being named to the all-Region 8 team.

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