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The Nail Shoppe



By Sun Advocate

Pam Durrant

Pam Durrant owns The Nail Shoppe, 585 E. Main, Price, 613-7427.
The Nail Shoppe is a full service nail salon specializing in all realms of nail care. This includes acrylic and fiberglass nails, sculptured nails, pink and white nails with backfills, nail art- handpainted designs and airbrushing. They also specialize in natural nail care, manicures and pedicures. They carry a complete full line of lotions, oils and hand care products.
Durrant opened the business in October of 2000 after leaving a local salon where I had worked for approximately eight years.
“I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a chance and opened the shop,” says Durrant, adding, “So far it has been a good choice. I have two licensed nail techs working with me.” Malia Theorine has been with the shop since it opened and Heidi Jewkes joined the Nail Shoppe last year in 2001.
Durrant started in the nail industry 10 years ago. She has taken numerous specialty classes over the years and is certified in all nail enhancements and airbrushing. Her specialty is in hand painted designs.
The Nail Shoppe is unique to Price because they cater to nail care only. “Our goal at the shop is to make the time you spend with us fun and relaxing,” says Durrant, adding, “and when you leave we want you to feel great about how good your nails and hands look. We want to put out the best nails.”
They keep up on all the new techniques and trends so that they can offer most anything their clients require.

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