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New Heights opens facility



By Sun Advocate

Cutting the ribbon for the New Heights Clubhouse include Jessica Basso, Beverly Hart, Mayor Joe Piccolo, Mike Debelak, Kimbal Johnson, Bob Greenberg, Karon Mills, and Dannette Moynia.

It was a grand opening celebrations and a 30-year anniversary party all rolled up into one big party last week as over 200 people gathered at the New Heights clubhouse. A clubhouse model, New Heights moved from Cedar Hills where they had been in a remodeled duplex to their spacious new location at 77 South 6th East.
New Heights assists men and women who are recovering from a mental illness. “Our goal is to help them live enriching and satisfying lives,” says Paul Hart, acting director of the clubhouse, adding, “we strive to do this by providing personal, vocational, and social opportunities that promote growth and well being in a safe, respectful environment which values the worth of all people.”
Besides the ribbon cutting marking the grand opening of the new facility, Four Corners Mental Health also awarded 11 certificates of appreciation to community people for service to the clubhouse. These were presented to Dan Martin, Sherril Burge, James Whear, Cameron Williams, Guido Rachiele, James Simone, Linda Varner, Karl Kraync, Daniel Madsen, Darlene Frandsen, and Maun Alston.
New Heights clubhouse operates with five units. These include the career and education unit with Tracy Hansen, serving as generalist. This unit focuses on obtaining work for members in the community, both independent and transitional employment. The member ran classes assist them in brushing up on their skills. According to Hansen, “this is the heart of the clubhouse model, and provides the members with many vocational supports that the individuals may need.”
The business and communications unit is managed by Paul Hart. This unit gives members the opportunity to develop and practice clerical skills and is responsible for tracking and maintaining it’s own budget, reporting and member statistics.
Tony Anast serves as generalist for the kitchen unit. This group serves a noon meal restaurant style to all members five days a week.
Carrie Norris is the newest generalist who will manage the community support unit. This group works with members in agencies within the community such as food bank, Workforce Services, and Voc. rehab.
The final unit is the administrative division which works on housing and orientation issues. Hart is serving as the interim director overseeing this unit.
New Heights has around 65 or 70 members with an average of 20 people a day working at the clubhouse.

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