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Home Based Design



By Sun Advocate

Marjorie Jones

Home Based Design, 1124 S. 450 West, Price, 435-637-2601, is owned by Marjorie A. Jones.
She offers custom graphic design and stationary without leaving the home or office. This includes personal stationary, advertisements, direct mailers, brochures, web design, and wedding invitations. The Home Based operation is offered with less overhead and better prices.
Jones opened Home Based Design in May 2002.
Her grand opening, later this fall, will offer up to 10 free items for on-line store on any e-commerce website or free photo shoot on any brochure.
Website: www.afnetinc.com/users/hbd/Home-Based-Des/inex.html.
Jones brings 25 years of graphic design experience to the business and is also an important member of the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce.

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