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Fabric Frenzy



By Sun Advocate

Joan Powell

Joan and Gary Powell are owners of Fabric Frenzy, 545 E. 100 North, Price, 637-3348. The website fabric1@sisna.com.
They opened in May of 1998 and offer quilt classes by fun, experienced teachers.
The Powells feature U.F.O. (unfinished objects) nights once a month. “You come, bring a potluck dish and we sew until the early mornings hours,” explained Joan, adding, “we have name brand fabrics and notions and a very friendly staff.”
“We’ve always thought fabric stores were fascinating places and love to see someone put colors together and create a work of art,” she concluded, “We’ve missed having a store in our area since Cleo’s closed their doors many years ago. We appreciate our loyal customers and our teachers. Their personalities and our employees add so much to our business.”

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