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DanceWear by Design



By Sun Advocate

Diana Root

Diana Root is owner of DanceWear by Design.
A graduate of Orem High School Root took design classes at Brigham Young University while she worked for MiniWorld, a clothing factory for girls dresses.
Root worked for MiniWorld over five years, and after moving to Price she did custom sewing. This grew to costumes for local dance teachers, drill teams, high school choir, ballet groups, and cheerleaders. Eventually she found herself creating for out-of-town dance groups, University of Utah, Cyprus High School, Orem High School and others.
“I design and sew all my creations and have over 30 years experience in manufacturing and design,” explained Root. She also adds, “I am very grateful for the support of the community. I really enjoy being creative and having them support me in my passion.”
In her spare time and for the past 22 years, Root has been an aerobic fitness instructor. Owning and operating this business for many years she is now employed by the College of Eastern Utah.

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