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Castle Country Candles



By Sun Advocate

Beth and Paula Lauffer and Lena Jones

Castle Country Candles, owned by Paula Lauffer, and Lena Beth Jones, 80 S. 700 East #8, Wellington, 435-637-6860. Paula’s daughter Beth also works with the family owned company.
If ever there was a business owned by women that began as a dream and because of hard work has grown into a successful enterprise it is Castle Country Candles. Started in 1998 while Paula was selling candles of another business over the mountain, Castle Country Candles has grown and prospered at their location in Wellington. They have about a dozen retail outlets in Carbon and Emery counties and also sell candles throughout the nation and world over the internet.
The secret of these candles is their unique scents. “Our candles are highly scented and our niche has definitely become our variety of fragrances,” states Lauffer, adding, “our long burning and double pouring formula make Castle Country even more popular and practical.”
Because of the upcoming holidays this is a busy time of the year for the Lauffers and Jones. Candles make wonderful gifts and that is one of the main reasons they are purchased. The wonderful thing about candles is the wide demographic appeal. Lauffer explains, “Everybody loves candles and they are as popular with elderly men as they are with young women.”

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