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Carbon Lady Dinos finish perfect season and head for state tourney



By Sun Advocate

The Carbon Dinos have pushed their way through Region 8 competition this year by capturing the region title with an undefeated record. Now, the Dinos will move on to state where they feel they can walk away with their first ever state title. With the help of Brittany Pollastro and Brittani Bentley, this dream could easily become a reality for the Dino team.

It’s that time of year again for the Lady Dinos who are prepared to do battle with the top Class 3A volleyball teams in the state.
Beginning Thursday, the Dinos will compete in the state final tournament which will last two days and is in double elimination format.
For the Dinos, this is no new experience. In fact, it was just last year when the team found themselves playing for the state title against Morgan.
This years tournament could easily play out quite similar to last year with Carbon and Morgan fighting for the state title. After all, Morgan is the number one team in Region 8 and is followed by number two seed Carbon.
This year has been a tremendous one for the Dinos who completed a perfect season with a 9-0 record. Many of the teams whom Carbon successfully defeated are teams that have moved on to the state tourney, including the Dinos first opponent, Wasatch.
In fact, it was just last Monday night when the Dinos hosted Wasatch in the final regular season game. Carbon stepped up to the challenge as usual and handed the Wasps a 15-8, 15-3 loss.
“It was a good win for us. It gave us confidence before the state tourney and it helps that this is the first team we face at state,” commented Dino coach Bruce Bean.
The Dinos will kick off the state tournament at UVSC in Orem beginning at 5 p.m. Carbon is seeded in the upper bracket and according to Bean, this is the bracket that the team wants to be in.
“It’s a good bracket for us. We have successfully beat every team in this division at some point this season. This gives us confidence and we know that we can beat each team again if given the chance,” explained Bean.
The only team that has been bothersome to the Dinos the past few years has been Morgan. In fact, the past two years in a row, the Trojans were the team that has sent the Dinos home from the state tourney without a championship.
“It’s nice to be in a bracket that Morgan is not in. If we face them, we just hope to catch them on an off night. If we play at our best, we can beat anyone, but I think that we also need a little luck on our side. It never hurts to have luck on your side,” Bean explained.
For many of the Dinos, the state tournament is not a new experience. It was just last year when several of Carbon’s key players stood on the court jumping up and down with joy after finishing in second place at state.
“Last year, we were kind of shell shocked when we played for the state title. This year will be a little bit different. We’ve been there and know what to expect. The experience from last year I think will aid us this year as we are a veteran state team,” explained Bean.
For Dino seniors Chelsey Warburton, Janelle Bruno and Danielle Julian, this will be the last few games of their careers in a Dino uniform. For them, this is a must win tournament, especially after coming so close to capturing a title last year.
With the assistance of teammates Brittany Pollastro, Monica Shorts and Morgan Warburton, this tournament just might be the big one for the strong Dino team.
“We have the ability to win. As long as we play well and stay focused, we can do this,” concluded Bean.
Because the tournament is double elimination, Carbon will play two games Thursday afternoon. The first being at 5 p.m. and the second will take place at 8 p.m.
Depending upon the outcome of these games, the Dinos will move on to compete Friday afternoon and if luck is on their side, the team will play Friday at 8 p.m for the state title.
Regardless of win or lose, the Dinos have come a long way this season. An undefeated season is something to brag about, and the Dinos have earned this right.

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