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Season woes over for struggling Dino team



By Sun Advocate

The Dinos try to push past the Spartans for valuable yardage. Despite putting their best effort forward, the Dinos fell to Emery 27-19. Because Carbon failed to capture a Region 8 win this season, the team will not move on to the state championships.

This years football season for the Carbon High Dinos could be described in many different ways. The year started with the athletes playing under a new head coach. It was a rebuilding season.
As game time approached, the Dinos would build up their confidence and step out onto the field ready for war. Most of the time the team would walk off the field filled with disappointment.
This season was a difficult one for the Dinos who struggled to capture a Region 8 victory. The team practiced hard and played even harder. The outcome however didn’t want to fall in the Dinos favor.
Does this mean that the team lacked talent? That my friends is a definite no. In fact, the Dinos ball club had a roster full of talented athletes who are dedicated to the sport of football. Even the new athletes stepped up to give their best each time they stepped out onto the field. This was a team loaded with talent.
So why did the Dinos struggle so bad? Well, maybe no one has the answer to that, but the team did stick together and played their best each time they competed.
“This was a team filled with great kids. They played hard each game. Some of the contests we lost were our fault, others we had no control over. I’m proud of these kids and they did real well. Unfortunately, the season ended with disappointment,” explained coach Jeff Jorgensen.
After last weeks win over Ogden, the Dinos entered the Emery game Friday night filled with confidence. This was a must win game for Carbon who would advance to the state tourney if they won this game. That wasn’t meant to be however. The Dinos fell to the Spartans 27-19.
“It was a great team effort. Carter Simkins stepped up for us and had 140 yards catching while Jan Jorgensen threw for 250 yards. This was probably the best throwing effort of the season for us, but it wasn’t enough to capture the win,” coach Jorgensen stated.
The Dinos suffered a big loss in the first half as Jamal Lewis left the game early due to a sprained ankle.
“Jamal has been a dominant force for us this year. I think when he left the game, that made the team lose some of its confidence,” coach Jorgensen explained.
Because Lewis was forced out of competition, the Dinos running game was weakened. Lewis has been the key running back of the year for Carbon, and without his assistance, the Dinos decided to rely heavily on its passing game instead.
This move proved to be quite beneficial to the Dinos who scored two touchdowns due to passes from Jorgensen to Simkins.
Quite similar to games before, the Dinos kicking game struggled. Two point after kicks were missed which were important points for the underdog Dino team.
Despite leading the Spartans as the fourth quarter began, the Dinos allowed Emery to score 14 points in the final quarter for the Region 8 victory.
“It was a big game for us. If we had won, we would be practing tonight for the state finals. But instead, we’ll all be sitting at home,” stated coach Jorgensen.
Although many of the players will return next year to compete for the Dinos, many more will be leaving.
“It was quite sad to watch the seniors play in their last game. For many of them, this will be the end of their football career. Some of them will move on to play ball for colleges, but many of them will not,” commented coach Jorgensen.
So far, the only player to have signed a contract to play college football is Jorgensen who will compete for the University of Utah. Although many others intend to play, no definite decisions have been made as to where these players will go.
Well, the long and disappointing season is now over. Despite finishing the season with an overall record of 2-7, this years Dino team is victorious. They have competed in a rough sport and have stood tall with pride throughout the difficult season.
After all, records are not everything. Isn’t sports about competing and having fun. This is what the season has been all about for the Carbon High Dinos.

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