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Long term care ombudsman program

By Sun Advocate

The long-term care Ombudsman protects residents rights in nursing homes, residential care facilities, and adult foster care by voicing and resolving the concerns which many elderly encounter.
What do Ombudsmen Do?
Ombudsmen help with problems, about quality of care, food, finances, choice of visitors, resident rights and other concerns a resident may have.
Ombudsmen receive complaints from residents, family members, facility staff or anyone concerned about the resident. Ombudsmen also address other issues including: As an advocate they work on behalf of a resident to resolve complaints and voice concerns. As an educator they inform residents, families, and friends about their rights and responsibilities. As a mediator they are the spokes people for the resident, communicating their needs to the appropriate staff. As an intermediary they work with other agencies for the client, making referrals and providing follow-up to assure action. As information and referral people they provide information on how to select a long term care facility.
Why an Ombudsman?
There are many reasons why many residents are unable to address their own problems. Often they are unaware of their rights or have mental and or other physical limitations. At times the process of working is to resolve a complaint is overwhelming and institutional factors such as isolation and lack of power make it difficult for a resident to solve problems alone. Often the elderly person is fearful of retaliation by the staff of the facility that serve as the care giver.
How can someone reach the Long Term Care Ombudsman?
If you have a question, complaint or a concern about the quality of life and care of a resident, =or you would like more information in Carbon and Emery counties people are encouraged to contact Richard or Myrna Jewkes at 637-1674 or 637-4950.

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