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Forest service officials offer tips to hunters for a safe hunting season

By Sun Advocate

Autumn brings hunters to the field, one of the most popular recreation activities on national forest system lands.
Uinta National Forest officials remind hunters to keep in mind the following information for a safe and enjoyable hunt.
•Campgrounds. Most campgrounds and picnic areas will remain open throughout the hunts. Weather conditions may force the closure of some campgrounds, and some water systems may be turned off. Contact forest service offices for the most current campground information.
•Road conditions. Hunters are urged to use caution when traveling, especially during inclement weather. Hunters should contact local forest service offices to obtain current road information and travel maps.
Maps showing recreational vehicle opportunities may be purchased at all local forest service offices. Users are advised to travel only on those routes marked open, or shown as open, on a travel map.
Questions regarding motorized vehicle use on specific roads or trails should be directed to a local forest service office.
•Safety. Wear protective hunter orange attire and exercise extreme caution while hunting. Make sure someone knows where hunting activity will take place and when the time of return is expected.
Be prepared for inclement weather by taking the proper clothing and equipment.
•Leave no trace. Practicing leave no trace principles minimizes the impact to national forest system lands. These principles include:
•Stay on designated trails and roads.
•Use designated campsites.
•Select campsites 200 feet or more from water sources and wet meadows.
•Dig catholes 200 feet or more from camp, trails, and streams.
•Pack it in. Pack it out.
•Bring pellets, grain, or weed-free hay for horses.
•Remove excess hay and straw.
As hunters head for the hills this weekend with the opening of the deer hunt season, keep in mind safety tips that will protect each hunter in the field.
For the most current information on campground, trail, road and recreation information, contact a local forest service office.

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