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Salt service opens



By Sun Advocate

Frank Gordon is the owner of Castle Country Salt Service.

A new business started in September in Carbon and Emery counties to help consumers with water softening needs.
Castle Country Salt Service, owned and operated by Frank Gordon is set up to deliver salt to people’s homes and fill their water softener units on a regular basis.
A native of Huntington, Gordon “will cater to your needs.” When people need softener salt, whether its once a month or every other month, Gordon will put together a schedule for regular delivery. For users it is a good time to get on his schedule before his business gets too busy.
A family business, Gordon is joined by his wife, Wendy, a Price and Elmo native, and their two children, Jake and Jaden.
Castle Country Salt Service can be reached by calling 687-2791 or 820-0065.

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