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Price City honors Krompel for community service



By Sun Advocate

Rachael Krompel and her award.

Rachael Krompel was awarded the Visionary Service Leader Award by Mayor Joe Piccolo at the last City Council meeting in Price.
Rachael is the daughter of Bill and Joni Krompel and a 2001 graduate of Carbon High School.
She was nominated for the award for exemplary service. She works as a teller for the Carbon Credit Union and also assists handicapped children at Rise, Incorporated.
According to Mayor Piccolo, the award was givien “for assisting to make Price City a progressive, friendly community and your dedication to excellence in service, as well as upholding high professional standards, being an honest, involved and responsible citizen, creating a clean, friendly and pleasant environment and having an progressive approach to build local business and economy.”
Piccolo said, “the city is proud of Krompel for being a leader who listens to customers and understands their needs, finding solutions to local problems and preserving our rich cultural heritage and diversity.”

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