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Impact board approves grants for eastern Utah

By Sun Advocate

The Utah Permanent Community Impact Fund Board has approved emergency funds for water and sewer system improvements in Uintah County and the purchase of a hazardous-materials response truck in Carbon County.
The Carbon County Building Authority received a grant of $60,000 to help buy and equip a hazardous-materials response truck to serve the county. The money will be combined with other funds budgeted by Carbon County for the purchase.
The county has already purchased and stocked a trailer with some light equipment to handle various types of hazardous materials. But this new truck and equipment will add a great deal more capability so the response team can handle many more situations than has previously been possible.
In Uintah County, the Ballard Water and Sewer Improvement District was awarded a grant of $428,000 for the construction of a 500,000-gallon water storage tank to replace the current tank, which no longer meets the current demand for water. The grant will also help pay for the installation of water lines for the new tank and 25 new fire hydrants.
Also in Uintah County, the Maeser Water Improvement District was authorized to spend $40,000 from funding previously approved by the Community Impact Board to purchase a truck equipped to clean 20 miles of sewer lines in the district.
The Community Impact Board is a program of the Utah Division of Community Development. It helps state and local agencies and entities that are, or may be, directly or indirectly impacted by mineral resource development on nearby federal lands and the exclusion of those lands from the local tax base. The board provides assistance through grants and low-interest loans for the planning, construction, and maintenance of public facilities. The funds also help community agencies provide public services.

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