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Girls soccer team completes season at home



By Sun Advocate

Gearing up for the big game. The Carbon High girl’s soccer team gets rallied up before the final game of the season by cheering and dancing. The season has allowed the girls to improve their skills while having fun. According to coach Capalbo, this is a dynamic team who has worked hard and never gave up.

The Carbon High girls soccer team completed their season this past week. To kick things off, the team traveled to Delta Oct. 1 to take on the Rabbits.
In this match up, the Dinos did not play well against the tough and disciplined Rabbits. By the half, Delta lead the Dinos 4-0 and by the time that the game had ended, Carbon found themselves down 5-0.
The final game of the season was then played at the Carbon field on Oct. 4 against North Sanpete. This was probably the biggest game of the season for the Dinos. After all, it was the final game in front of a home crowd and it was also the final game the team would play together as several players will graduate this year.
By the time that the game kicked off, it was too late for the Dinos to capture a playoff spot for the Region 8 title. This did not bother the girls from Carbon however. The team came to play and to have fun.
“These girls were playing for pride and I couldn’t be more proud of them,” commented Dino coach Dave Capalbo.
“I told them that win or lose, I just wanted North Sanpete to leave here knowing that they had been in a battle,” Capalbo continued.
In an extremely physical game, the score at the half remained 0-0. The Dinos did have several great shots and opportunities to score but nothing was accurate enough.
About midway through the second half, one of the North Sanpete midfielders fired off a shot from about 35 yards that got between the Dino goalies raised hands and the crossbar for a score. The Dinos then rallied, but with little success.
After several interruptions to the game due to injuries, the clock wound down and the final score was 1-0 in favor of the North Sanpete Hawks.
Carbon completed the season with a 3-10-1 record with eight losses coming against teams who have made the playoffs. The other two losses were 2-1 overtime games which were each heartbreaking for the Dino team.
“We did not make the playoffs, but we made some good teams play their best to beat us,” explained Capalbo.
Next season, the soccer team will find several changes occuring including the absence of leading scorers Katie Capalbo and Julie Swinburne.
Carbon will have some assistance next season as athletes from the local youth soccer club will be joining the team. With these team members will come experience, something that the Dino soccer team has had to build themselves throughout the season.
The Dinos have showed many improvements this season, but the most notably talent the team possesses is determination.
No matter the circumstances, the team played each game as if it was for the state title. The team displayed pride and dedication, but most of all, they had fun.

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