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Officers receive awards for rescue of paraplegic from burning home in Helper



By Sun Advocate

Highway Patrol Trooper Joe Christman, Carbon County Sheriff Officers Ron Bogdin and Frank Pero and Helper Police Officers Lynn Archuleta and Ralph Vose hold awards that were given to them for their part in the rescue of Steven Goff from from a burning house on June 6. The incident occurred when Vose and Archuleta were dispatched to the home and family members advised them that Goff, a paraplegic, was trapped inside the home.
Archuleta, along with Pero and Bogdin entered the burning home through the front door. The entire home was filled with smoke, but the fire was in a northeast back room while Goff’s bedroom was in the northwest corner of the house. The officers inside could not get an emergency door in Goff’s room open to access the wheelchair ramp so Christman and Vose kicked in the opening. All the officers helped to finally get Goff out of the house. The Helper Fire Department arrived and quickly extinguished the fire, saving much of the house from complete destruction.
Christman was injured in the incident when a family dog bit him.
“Instead of Trooper Christman taking a bite out of crime, the dog took a bite out of Trooper Christman,” quipped Helper Police Chief George Zamantakis as he presented the awards.

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