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Hunters encouraged to cover harvested big game animals while transporting

By Sun Advocate

Hunters fortunate enough to take a bull elk or buck deer during Utah’s general hunts in October are encouraged to cover their animal while transporting it home.
“Please be mindful that the majority of Utah’s population neither hunt nor fish,” stressed Brent Stettler, a conservation outreach manager with the Division of Wildlife Resources. “They don’t necessarily object to sport hunting, but could change their mind.”
“Imagine how offensive it could be to be stuck in traffic behind a mud-splattered truck with a carcass hanging over the tailgate,” continued Stettler.
The DWR is urging hunters to put harvested game under cover this hunting season. Not only does this help protect the meat from flies, dust and heat, but reduces the chance of offending non-hunters and provoking anti-hunters.
Some states even have a law forbidding the “gratuitous display of wildlife.” In these states, hunters may be cited for transporting game in public view.
“A true sportsman should be satisfied with the hunting experience, without feeling the need to show off the animal that’s been taken,” Stettler concluded.
This hunting season, please be courteous toward the emotions of others while transporting harvested big game animals after the hunt.

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