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Focus on Castle Country Museums



By Sun Advocate

The CEU Prehistoric Museum in Price has wonderful dinosaur displays.

Museums come in all sizes, colors and types. If one looks one can find museums that display everything from marbles to memorabilia of the first atom bomb explosions.
Officially a museum is a place or building where works of art, scientific specimens and other objects of permanent value are stored and displayed.
Most museums display only a portion of the collection of objects they own at any one time. Museums are as much for storing valuable objects and taking care of and preserving them as they are for showing them. But their true mission is to display. Some museums with large collections often have less than 10 percent of their collection out for the patrons of the museum to actually see in a display.
The museums in the Castle Country area are generally historical museums, pertaining specifically to this area.
The College of Eastern Utah Museum is primarily concerned with the early years of the area; from the age of the dinosaurs to the time of the Native Americans dominance of the area.

The Museum of the San Rafael in Castle Dale features natural history.

The Museum of the San Rafael is dominated by the natural history of the San Rafael Swell.
The Helper Mining and Railroad Museum depicts the time of the early industrial development of the Carbon County area.
The John Wesley Powell Museum shows some natural history which ties in with the early explorers of the 18th and 19th centuries, along with more modern developments from the last 100 years.
The Pioneer Museum shows the early days of non-Indian settlers in mostly the Emery County area.
Each provide a good outing for family or visitors. Each is well worth it’s weight in history.

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