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East Carbon beats Pirates as they warm up for play-in contest



By Sun Advocate

Samson Leonard is greeted by team mates last Friday as he comes into home from an apparent home run he hit against Tintic. However, the ball was found wedged in the fence and officials called it a triple instead. On Tuesday afternoon, he did get the chance to come into home the same way, however, as he belted out a home run on the Green River Pirates field as the Vikes beat the kids from Emery County 10-0.

If they could get a tune up, it was probably one of the best places they could go. And in doing so they added to their glossy record at the same time.
The Vikings of East Carbon went to Green River Tuesday afternoon and took up the issue of whose baseball team was best on the high school field there. They came away winning the debate, 10-0. And in the process, they were able to get some exercise for some players in unique positions.
How about Samson Leonard pitching instead of catching. And what about Josh Griffiths who doesn’t play very much getting a hit off Green River’s number two pitcher?
It was evident that both coaches did hold back a little. Green River has an important league game later this week and East Carbon is ready to take on either Intermountain Christian School or Waterford on Monday afternoon in a state play-in game.
“I wanted everyone to get some work but not too much,” said head Viking coach Todd McFarland.
He did just that by pitching his son Tony only two innings, Austin Preston three innings and Leonard in one. The younger McFarland had three strike outs, Preston had five and Leonard, standing at the other end of the throwing zone for a change had three.
“We are still looking at some of the problems we have had on defense,” said the coach. “I think this game helped some of that. We are starting to gel at exactly the right time.”
Originally the state play-in game was supposed to be Friday at Tom Anderson Field, but that was changed to Monday. Then the opponent for the game became less clear as ICS beat Waterford the other night. That put things in Region 17 into a spin and some games later this week will determine who will travel to East Carbon and who will stay home.
The big inning for the Vikes as they played the Pirates in this game was the fourth inning where they belted out eight runs. Samson Leonard had a home run and McFarland had two doubles.
East Carbon came away with a total of six hits and three errors while Green River got three hits with seven errors.
With the regularly scheduled games over, the team now needs to keep their edge, but that may not be easy with the wet weather apparently settling in this week.
But it could be worse for their upcoming opponent. Rain turning to snow was reported in much of the Salt Lake Valley, particularly on the southeast side where both ICS and Waterford are located.
“Getting the games in to complete their season could be a real problem for them with this weather,” said McFarland. “It could be tough.”
If the Vikes win the game on Monday they will then go to the state tournament that will be held at Utah Valley State College the end of next week. The way it is shaping up East Carbon and Wayne may well be the best there.

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