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Carbon County drivers cautioned to stop for stationary, mobile red traffic lights



By Sun Advocate

Carbon County motorists should remain alert for mobile traffic lights and equipment temporarily placed along roadways to check traveling speeds.
Approximately two weeks ago, crews set up temporary traffic lights on Carbonville Road so motorists could be routed around a work area 24 hours a day until the trenches on one part of the highway could be closed.
The timed lights work in conjunction with one another, letting traffic flow one way and then the other. The devices allow adequate time for traffic from one end to flow before turning green on the other end.
The mobile lights may delay motorists at one end for a minute or two, even though there may be no traffic flowing from the opposite direction.
Some drivers have been observed running the traffic control devices when no vehicles are traveling in the opposite lane.
Law enforcement authorities indicate that failing to stop for the mobile lights constitutes a moving traffic violation.
Motorists who ignore the signals will be ticketed for the same violation issued to drivers who run red lights on Main Street or at local intersections .

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