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Dinos remain undefeated after traveling to Lehi



By Sun Advocate

Chelsey Warburton moves in to save the ball during the North Sanpete game which was played at Carbon High Sept. 24. Warburton had an outstanding game against Lehi this past Saturaday as the Dinos defeated the Pioneers 15-4, 16-14.

The Carbon High Dinos volleyball team continued their winning streak last Friday as the team traveled to Lehi to take on the Pioneers. After beginning the season with a 3-0 start, the Dinos were confident that they could make that record leap to 4-0.
That is exactly what the team did as they stepped out on the court to compete against one of their Region 8 rivals.
In the first set, the Dinos jumped out on top and capitalized on the Pioneers faults. Carbon easily defeated Lehi 15-4.
In the second set however, the Dinos had their work cut out for them as the Pioneers rallied a come back which sent Carbon racing for the victory.
According to Dinos coach Bruce Bean, the Carbon team came out in the second set with a lack of intensity. “They seemed to lose their focus a bit, but that happens, especially after cruising past a team so easily in the first set. We came out strong in the first set, but then the intensity faded as the second set began,” explained Bean.
As the game narrowed to a close end, the Dinos found themselves trailing the Pioneers 11-14. This is when the Dinos regained their composure and played just as strong as they did at the beginning of the game. The Dinos rallied and posted five points to defeat Lehi 16-14 in the second set.
Bean was quick to add that the victory was a team effort however, Chelsey Warburton stepped up to lead the team to their fourth consecutive win.
The victory not only boosts the Dinos record, but it also boosts their confidence. After capturing a Region 8 win, the Dinos find themselves sneeking up the ladder into playoff contention as the season continues to move by quickly.
Currently, the Dinos are ranked in second place in the 3A standings as they trail the Morgan Trojans.
The Dinos hope to move in on Morgan as they host Delta Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m.

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