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Dino cross country team races to success in Region 8 standings

By Sun Advocate

The Carbon High girls cross country track team broke the ice Sept. 25 by defeating North Sanpete for top team honors.
The event took place in Lehi where the Dino gals came to win. This is just what they did as the captured first place honors with a total of 37 points. Carbon was followed in the standings by North Sanpete who finished with 42 points, Delta with 53 points and Lehi and Emery rounded out the final results.
Melanie Madsen finished second overall and was followed by Ashley Rowley who placed fourth. Rowley has improved with each meet and this was her top finish thus far this season.
Janelle Bates also had a good run and finished in sixth place while teammate Brittany Horrocks crossed the finish line in 12th place followed by Elizabeth Broooks.
The girls all moved up in their times and standings at the Lehi meet. Now the task at hand is to keep improving and to qualify for the Region 8 final meet to be held in three weeks.
Jana Burrows and Ashley Anderson also continued to improve and have turned the heads of Carbon coaches Elias Perez and Stuart Foster.
The Dino boys team also had a good showing at the Lehi meet by finishing in third place in the team competition. Carbon followed first place Lehi and second place North Sanpete.
Scott Terry lead the race by finishing in first place while Dino teammate Isaac Goodrich followed with a close second place finish. Both Terry and Goodrich beat out Lehi’s Ryan Frazier who has been ahead of the two Dinos for the past couple of years.
David Goodrich placed 12th in the race while Joe Palmer finished in 18th place and Chris Cook rounded out the Dino roster by crossing the finish line in 21st place.
After competing strong in Lehi, the Dinos moved on to compete at Soldier Hollow last Saturday. The team competed in the first ever cross country invitational run at the cross country olympic skiing park. The first ever running event at the ski park proved to be successful for Carbon.
In the girls junior varsity race, Ashley Anderson placed ninth overall and received an award for her outstanding performance.
The varsity girls team also had an outstanding performance as the team placed fourth overall in the team competition.
Madsen lead the Dinos as she finished the race in sixth place. Rowley crossed the finish line in 14th place, Brooks in 21st place, Bates in 28th and Burrows and Horrocks tied for 29th place.
Goodrich won the boys varsity three mile race with a time of 16 minutes, 24 seconds. Goodrich beat the closest competitior by about 150 yards. Because Goodrich had such a successful showing, he was awarded a medal for his outstanding efforts.
Rounding out the Dino boys roster include Palmer who finished the race in 21st place, David Goodrich in 27th, Tyler Munns in 42nd place and Derek Wood in 43rd. The boys placed fifth at the meet in the team competition.
The next meet will take place at 3:30 p.m. at the Carbon High School track on Oct. 2. This will be the only home meet for the Dinos this season, so Dino boosters are encouraged to come out and enjoy an afternoon of exciting running action.

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