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Dinos have a blast on the soccer field



By Sun Advocate

The Dinos soccer team continues to compete against teams from across the state while gathering valuable experience. In a game which is still relatively new to the Carbon High athletic program, the girls are advancing by leaps and bounds and continue to have a good time.
The Dinos competed last Thursday in Mount Pleasant against North Sanpete and displayed excellent ball handling skills. By moving the ball well, the Dinos open up the door for many scoring opportunities.
Ten minutes into the game, North Sanpete scored followed by another goal five minutes later. The Dinos did not give up however. In fact, just before the half, Katie Capalbo took a compbination pass from Andraya Newby and Julie Swinburne down the middle of the field. Capalbo then moved past four different defenders and shot a rainbow over a leaping goalie from around the 30 yard mark, scoring for the Dinos.
North Sanpete answered this goal with one of their own bringing the score to 3-1 at the half. By the time that the dust had cleared, North Sanpete found themselves dishing Carbon a 4-1 loss.
Although the Dinos have not won many games this year, the team feels that the experience that they are earning during the season is far more valuable than a winning record.
“Until 2000, Carbon and Emery High were the only 3A schools in Utah who did not have a girls soccer team. We lack experience. It takes years to develop ball skills using your feet. To put it in perspective, it’s hard enough to kick a stationary ball at a target, but try kicking one that’s rolling or bouncing while sprinting,” explained coach Dave Capalbo.
Because the Dino team is still learning the skills that soccer requires, it is not expected that the team will be a top contender for the state title this year. This is just fine for the Dino girls who look forward to game day.
“They just have fun. The girls have shown many improvements this season and continue to practice hard, but they have a blast and that’s what makes it worth while,” commented coach Capalbo.
The girls will take to the field Thursday as the team takes on Grand in Moab.

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