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Carbon Dinos rush past Union



By Sun Advocate

Jan Jorgensen runs the football during last weeks game against Union. Carbon found success with their rushing game as the team easily defeated Union 42-27. Jorgensen had 50 rushing yards against the Cougars.

After losing their first two games, the Carbon Dinos entered last Friday’s game determined to rack up their first win of the season. This is just what the Dinos did as they blew past Union 42-27.
The Dinos opened up the game with a quick seven point lead after Perry Laulu ran six yards for a touchdown followed by the extra point kick by Jessie Blackham.
In the second quarter, Jan Jorgensen ran nine yards and Blackham scored the extra point to push the Dinos ahead of Union 14-0.
Union came back however by scoring 13 points in the second quarter to bring the halftime score to 14-13 in Carbon’s favor.
The Dinos returned to the field after the half and scored 21 points in the third quarter. Jamal Lewis stepped up for the Dinos and scored three touchdowns in the quarter bringing the Dinos lead to 35-13 entering the final quarter of play.
Union attempted to rally a comeback as the team scored 14 points in the fourth, but the Dinos held on to the lead by scoring seven of their own points which brought the game to an end with Carbon winning 42-27.
The Dinos dominated Union with their running game. Lewis completed the game with 341 yards rushing on 21 carries. Lewis also scored four touchdown runs for the Dinos.
The running game did not stop here. In fact quarterback Jorgensen finished the game with 50 yards rushing and Laulu completed 30 yards rushing.
“It was a good win. We really ran the ball well and we threw better than we have the past two games,” explained Dinos head coach Jeff Jorgensen. “We did have some defensive breakdowns however.”
As the Dinos come off of an amazing victory, the team prepares for their next competitor Wasatch. The Dinos will travel Friday to take on the fifth ranked team in the state who Jorgensen feels will be the toughest competition the Carbon has faced so far this year.
“They are a tough team. They beat the number two team in the region and they held on tight against the number one team as they lost 6-0. Wasatch has a strong passing game. In order for us to win, we will need to stop the pass,” explained Jorgensen.
“They have a tough defense too. All we need to do is come right at them,” concluded Jorgensen.
The Dinos will compete against Wasatch this Friday on the road, but the team will return to the Dino field for competition Sept. 20 to compete in their homecoming game of the 2002 season.

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