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The Sports View

By Sun Advocate

We knew it would catch up with all of us sooner or later.
We watched it at the Olympics and we have seen it at major sporting events ever since. But somehow, most of us didn’t connect it with Ute football at Rice Eccles Stadium.
It’s the increased security at home University of Utah football games.
I’m not talking about a few extra police or a group of plain clothesmen in the crowd. I’m talking about airport type security; the kind you really stand in line for. It all begins this week when our crimson clad team meets up with Indiana.
Used to be when you went to a Ute game you had to stand in line for tickets or to buy a hot dog. Or for the restroom.
Now we will be standing in line to get in because the school announced this week that a visual search will be done of every bag, back pack or container that is being carried into that hallowed cement edifice in which I watched the Utes lose more games over the years than they won. But that didn’t matter, it was always fun, regardless. I will still bring in those good memories with me when I walk through the gate
But there’s also a bunch of things none of us can even attempt to bring in any more.
Weapons are out (does that mean no toe nail clippers to pass the time when the team is getting blown out), glass bottles and aluminum cans (no more sneaking warm Coors in), fireworks ( yes I always took a few bottle rockets with me to launch at Cougar quarterbacks in the past) and no coolers/ice chests (no ice to warm the beer that I can no longer sneak in my jacket pocket).
As for what you can bring in (which is little) security will be wanting to look through any bags carried in and they must be small enough to fit under a seat and not block an aisle. They will also be making you shake out any blankets you may bring to sit on (it’ll look like a laundry contest at the gate).
There was one “reassurance” in the press release. Bag searchers will not be allowed to touch individuals or their belongings.
Shucks, and I was sooooo looking forward to that part.
So here we must face the real world, even in a place where many of us have such great memories. It just won’t be the same.
But then, after Sept. 11 neither are any of us.

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